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Our team has extensive experience in software development as well as in television and film production.

Free Utilities

By setting up your free account with the WIN Toolset you instantly get access to these great features completely free of charge to use as much as you like.

  • Bulk Delete

    Quickly and easily delete massive amounts of assets with this utility. By default in iconik the most that can be deleted is 50 assets. When first testing and deploying a new iconik system its no uncommon for users to generate 1000’s or 10’s of 1000’s of assets that need to be removed. This utility provides a simple way to remove any amount of assets with the click of a button based on a search query that can find any amount of assets desired.

  • Time Based Archive

    This simple utility enables users to setup a scheduled archive process in which an admin can create a rule to archive all content within X amount of day / hours / minutes after it has been ingested into iconik.


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  • Connect accounts

    Log in to your iconik account — so in future all workflows selected in WIN Toolset will be available in iconik.

  • Discover workflows

    Browse a comprehensive range of free and paid workflow automations

  • Select and subscribe

    Subscribe on a monthly, bi-annual, or annual basis to suit the needs of your business

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    Deploy your new workflows directly into your iconik account with the click of a button